Silicon Valley Disposition is a full-service valuation, repurposing and asset management company. We have developed a software platform that provides more efficient valuation and repurposing solutions that are more accurate, take less time and increase visibility. Valuation services include certified appraisals for asset-based lending as well as other purposes. Repurposing services include global negotiated sales, online auctions, liquidations and consignments. The breadth of our capabilities and platforms ranges from a single asset to entire manufacturing facilities and everything in between.
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Looking to Buy Equipment?

We understand the key to a successful purchase from a buyers perspective is a timely transaction where you can trust you are buying the item you need. In order to achieve this, we utilize the latest technologies to ensure that you are provided all of the information you need to make purchases with confidence. Our team includes industry experts that properly spec write and review each of the assets we sell - this often includes working with OEMs, tool owners and a variety of other industry experts. In addition, all equipment is lotted and properly photographed by our experienced team members to make sure our buyers are informed of the condition of the assets prior to purchase. We also have a support system in place to assist you once you have concluded a purchase. SVD provides local, national and global options for both rigging and shipping, as well as contacts to financing and insurance firms, to help you get your purchase to your location in faster and in good condition.


Have Surplus Assets?

The SVD advantage is in our industry-leading Multi-Channel Repurposing Approach – a combination of distributing assets through a variety of channels – industry-specific marketplaces, global online auctions and negotiated sales.
We understand that the key to a successful transaction from a sellers perspective is an efficient transaction with a global audience of qualified buyers. In order to achieve this, we employee a Global Affiliate Program ("GAP") that allows to attract a wider audience of prequalified buyers and have them in our database prior to the start of an auction. This network of affiliates spread around the world affords us the ability to expose assets to the secondary market in near-real time in multiple countries simultaneously. Often, this faster speed to market means an increase in your potential return on assets. Sellers also seek efficiency in the repurposing process to eliminate uncertainties and streamline the process. Our prequalified buyers database means you can rest assured that the person bidding on your assets will actually follow through on the transaction. Once you decide to sell your assets with Silicon Valley Disposition, we take over logistics to ensure a smooth and successful transaction - cataloging, lotting, spec writing, photographing, preview, selling, invoicing, settlement and overseeing delivery - logistics you no longer need to worry about.


Want numbers you can bank on?

We know the secondary market because we are market makers, and as such we have the knowledge and data to price your assets accurately. A useful valuation is an accurate assessment based on current secondary global market conditions. That requires having experts that are in the market, buying and selling related assets on a regular basis. Whether you are an Asset Based Lender that needs a formal or desktop appraisal, a company, landlord or workout firm that needs informal secondary market opinions of value - don't settle for ballpark figures, allow an SVD industry expert to provide opinions of value that will properly set your expectations.

All SVD formal appraisals are reviewed and signed off on by a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers.

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