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Upcoming Auctions

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Burlingame, CA

Featuring Apple MacBook Airs, iPad Pros, Dozens of Dell Laptops, Flat Screen TV's, and much much more

Auction Opens September 18 – 20, 2019

Major Software Company Specializing in AI and Analytics

Santa Clara, CA

A 30,000 sq ft facility located in the heart of Silicon Valley Featuring Over 200 Apple Laptops, Lounge Furniture, Height Adjustable Desks, Conference Rooms, Over 300 Herman Miller Aeron Chairs and Break Room Assets, TV’s, Hundreds of Laptops, Monitors, Servers and Networking Equipment

Auction Opens September 25 – 27, 2019

Techfootin September #60

Multiple Locations
Assets from a variety of companies and different industries. Featured Consignors:

Aquifi Techfootin auction consignor Global Tech Company Techfootin auction consignor Major Airline Carrier Techfootin auction consignor Zeptor Techfootin auction consignor
Auction Opens October 01 – 03, 2019

Global Film Production Company

Farmingdale, NY

Former production assets from the TV series The Tick - including sets, props, and wardrobe. Note we do not warrant these items appeared on screen. Hundreds of assets being added.

Auction Opens October 28 – 30, 2019

Global Film Production Company

Farmingdale, NY

Film production assets - including sets, props, and wardrobe.

Auction Opens October 30 – 31, 2019


Hayward, CA

Extremely Late Model High End Semiconductor Deposition Tools, Incredible Offering!!

Asset Inventory Manager

Don't lose sight of your surplus — get the power of AIM

of Focus

Industry experts by experience spanning over 20 years

Aerospace industry Aerospace
Audio and Post Production industry Audio & Post Production
Battery Manufacturing industry Battery Manufacturing
Biotechnology Biotechnology
Chemical Processing industry Chemical Processing
Construction industry Construction
Electronic Components industry Electronic Components
Electronic Test and Measurement industry Electronic Test & Measurement
Facility Support industry Facility Support
General Research and Development industry General Research and Development
Industrial Manufacturing industry Industrial Manufacturing
Information Technology industry Information Technology
Medical Equipment industry Medical Equipment
Oil and Gas industry Oil & Gas
Optical Test and Photonics industry Optical Test and Photonics
Pharmaceutical Processing industry Pharmaceutical Processing
Printed Circuit Board industry Printed Circuit Board
Semiconductor Fabrication industry Semiconductor Fabrication
Solar Manufacturing industry Solar Manufacturing
Surface Mount Technology industry Surface Mount Technology
Telecommunications industry Telecommunications
Utilities industry Utilities
Vehicles industry Vehicles
Woodworking industry Woodworking

About SVD

Silicon Valley Disposition (SVD) is a full-service surplus capital asset management and remarketing company. The breadth of our capabilities and platforms ranges from a single asset to entire plants or facilities, and everything in between. Our Capital Asset Management Program and Marketplace cater to the largest companies in the world. Our diverse and innovative marketing strategies allow us to penetrate and maximize the return on the secondary market for every type of asset we sell.

We help companies monetize assets including Assembly Equipment, FF&E, Fabrication Equipment, Facility Support, Information Technology, Inventories, Industrial Manufacturing Equipment, Processing Equipment, Research & Development, Utilities, and Vehicles.

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